The Ukrainian side’s definition of Russia as an “aggressor country” contradicts the real state of affairs in the southeast of Ukraine and leaves no room for a compromise on the peacekeeping mission, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

“Given the position that, to be sure, Russia is an aggressor, of course, there is hardly room for maneuver, because this position is absolutely contrary to the real state of affairs. Russia is not a party to this conflict, it is, along with other known countries, a guarantor of the implementation of the fundamental documents on which the whole settlement process is based and can be based on,” he said during the briefing.

Peskov stressed that any compromises in wording have their degree of admissibility.

“Russia and President Putin have repeatedly demonstrated their desire to do everything possible to reach a compromise. But any compromises have a certain degree of reasonableness and admissibility,” the press secretary specified.

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