Russia has achieved a certain effect by proposing a resolution on peacekeepers in the Donbass, but most likely this idea will not be implemented.

Such an opinion was expressed in the commentary by the director of the Institute of CIS countries, State Duma deputy Konstantin Zatulin.

“I personally believe that the proposal to introduce peacekeepers to the Donbass is not currently being implemented. As a result of its proposal, Russia was able to confirm on the basis of the actions that our diplomacy undertook, that we were ready to go to the introduction of peacekeepers. Thus, it is difficult to suspect us that we are actually waiting for an excuse to move to Kiev or Dnepropetrovsk from the territories of Donetsk People’s Republic or Lugansk People’s Republic, as the Western world constantly tries to suspect us. The Western world in the person of the United States has abandoned the program of peaceful settlement in the Donbass, so you can suspect them of planning something like what the current Ukrainian authorities like so much, namely, operations on the “Croatian pattern”, the expert said.

He also believes that Brussels will not go to the peak of Washington to get Ukraine to agree to accept Moscow’s offer.

“Washington will not let Russia to demonstrate that thanks to it in the Donbas it was possible to achieve a fragile peace. There are differences between the positions of Germany and Europe as a whole, but, despite them, Berlin or Brussels will not challenge the US and will not seek Ukraine’s consent to Moscow’s offer. However, Russia has already achieved a certain effect from the proposal of its resolution: the Ukrainian party “Opposition block” supported the introduction of peacekeepers, and we demonstrated our desire for peace, but beyond that, unfortunately, there won’t be further movement, “Zatulin said.

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