The head of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, accused the Spanish central authorities of aggression against the autonomous community. This is reported by La Vanguardia.

“The Spanish state de facto suspended the autonomy of Catalonia,” the politician said. He also expressed his full support to the members of the regional government and other officials detained by the Spanish police.

Earlier on September 20, police detained 14 senior officials involved in the preparation of a referendum on the independence of the region from Madrid. In addition, the law enforces conducted searches in the offices of regional authorities – tax and financial services, as well as in the premises of the telecommunications company.

On September 13 it was reported that the General Prosecutor’s Office of Spain opened more than 700 criminal cases against mayors and heads of municipalities of Catalan cities because of the preparation for a referendum on independence.

The day before, the Parliament of Catalonia adopted a law on the referendum, allowing October 1 to hold an autonomy vote on the issue of independence. Previously, the regional authorities have developed a document according to which the independence of the region will be announced immediately in case of refusal by the central authorities of the country to allow a referendum on secession from Spain.

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