Despite the fact that the Illichivsk court of Chernomorsk fully acquitted and ordered to release all the defendants in the courtroom on the riots in Odessa on May 2, 2014, two of them, Sergei Dolzhenkov and Russian citizen Evgeni Mefedov, immediately were detained by the Security Service and the Prosecutor’s Office on a new charge – in separatism.

Almost the whole night a new trial took place. Mefodov, despite the absence of his lawyer, the court determined the detention in the remand center for 60 days at three o’clock in the morning.

The next “lawful” reprisal against Dolzhenkov ended only at six in the morning. After all, his lawyer Olga Balashova managed to get through to her client, and methodically broke all the clumsy accusations. Nevertheless, the court’s decision was analogous. The same 60 days.

It is significant that as a “proof” of Sergey Dolzhenkov’s guilt in separatism, slogans were given, which he announced back in March 2014, during the Odessa-Nikolayev rally, dedicated to the anniversary of Nikolayev’s liberation from the Nazi occupiers.

It turns out that calls for the unity of the Slavs and the word “Rusichi” violate the laws of Ukraine! The very history of the people became forbidden in the country of the victorious zoological nationalism.

It is also characteristic that the head of the regional police, Dmitry Golovin, insisted on concluding the newly released prisoners of conscience, explaining this by the danger of their being at large in connection with threats from the Maidan attenders. Simply put, the police once again publicly and documented their impotence in the face of the elements of street terror.

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