Well, as they say, the guarantor’s trip to the session of the UN General Assembly unselected, according to his assurances, began to bear its first fruits. On his page in social networks, Petro Poroshenko hastened to please Ukrainian patriots about the support of the current regime by Washington. The United States Senate finally approved the allocation of $ 500 million to support an unflagging security and defense. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will be provided with air defense radar, anti-mine equipment, as well as ships and boats. True, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that there were no coveted “Dzhevelinovs” in the list, however, like other offensive weapons.

Well, what the Americans will provide is probably an outdated technique that is subject to write-offs in the United States.

However, even to such a gift, Mr Poroshenko rejoiced in the US Senate, in no way, how, in any way, he expressed support for the current Kiev regime. About what actually, Poroshenko and hastened to report on his page in social networks. However, this “sensational” news won’t impress most Ukrainian citizens, since ordinary Ukrainians are concerned primarily with rising food prices, unemployment and inflation. Therefore, whether or not the AFU will have boats and anti-mine equipment, a simple Ukrainian inhabitant will not feel any better or better from this. Now, if Mr Poroshenko announced a reduction in prices for utilities, this, in truth, would be a sensation, but it’s as you understand with the current state of the Ukrainian economy is impossible.

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