Russian aviation is supporting the forces of the Syrian Army fighting with terrorists in Deir ez-Zor. At the disposal of the media there were unique personnel of the Russian Air Force’s operation for the destruction of ISIS gangs and equipment on the Euphrates River.

Recall that for the development of success in Deir ez-Zore it is vitally important to the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic to cross the left bank of the Euphrates in the near future.

The military source said that the air strikes are being carried out by FAB-250. As previously reported, to ensure the crossing of the Euphrates River, the Tiger Force detachments were reinforced with heavy equipment. TOS-1A “Solyurek.”

At the present time, small units of the SAA – the assault units – have been forced to cross the river, which are holding the bridgehead for preparing the disembarkation of the main forces. Near the city, a helicopter landing area has been prepared, where military transport Mi-8 awaits its time.

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