Some Alternative for Germany (AFD) and National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) protesters tried to disrupt the campaign rally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Trier, Friday, booing and whistling during her speech.

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor (German): “And then we have the great international task [that affects] almost all countries altogether, and this is the fight against Islamist terrorism. You may have heard of London today, just a few days ago from Barcelona, ​​but we also had a terror attack on Christmas – or just before Christmas in Berlin. And here we have to work together internationally, and here we have to do everything in order to have the right legal bases.”

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor (German): “And I believe, we face many wars in the world: the dispute in Ukraine, the civil war in Syria, the war against IS in Iraq. Then again we become aware of what Europe is for us. Everyone of us can see in the long run what is wrong in Europe.”

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor (German): “Because we must not forget the fact that we are talking to each other, the fact that we are looking for solutions, the fact that we do not talk one over the other and build prejudice [one against the other], the fact that we do not give space to hate, but rather bring understanding. That is the best weapon [we should use so that] we will never again lead a war one against the other – that Europe is a peace project, and this peace project must be protected, strengthened and [to keep up] this peace project one must work on it, my ladies and gentlemen.”