Federation Council accused US of interfering in the Russian elections

Federation Council accused US of interfering in the Russian elections

The Federation Council accused the US of interfering and trying to influence the results of local and regional elections held in Russia on September 10 by financing certain opposition organizations. This was reported by RBC Senator Andrei Klimov and two other members of the upper house of the Russian parliament.

A commission of the Federation Council on the protection of state sovereignty and prevention of interference in Russia’s internal affairs has sertain evidence of such interference, the senator said. The declared goal of this structure, created in June this year, is to monitor the interventions of foreign states and international organizations “in the political, economic, cultural and humanitarian spheres of activity in Russia.”

According to the member of this commission Oleg Morozov, the facts of the US intervention in the Russian elections were confirmed by experts of the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring, which is the main unit of financial intelligence in Russia engaged in combating the legalization of proceeds from crime and financing of terrorism.

How does this scheme work?

The intervention, according to Klimov, was that the US was transferring money to Russian funds involved in elections in favor of a certain candidate for the head of the region. The money was transferred through the country-member of the Customs Union of the EAEC, in which “there is no law on foreign agents.”

Several Russian states intervened in the Russian elections, but the leading role, of course, belonged to the United States, said the head of the Federation Council commission for the protection of state sovereignty. And money is still being transferred to Russia “in cash, in money surrogates, and in the crypto currency”, but Klimov did not name the country through which they act. RBC’s source in the commission asserts that Rosfinmonitoring has established the transfer of US dollars to Russian political technology structures through Kazakhstan.

Open secret

About how the US is eating “soft power” in Russia, Gazeta.ru reported a month ago. Exactly the very elections were coming, in which the Russian senators accused the US of interference, and American politicians showed a keen interest in them: Representatives of the American NGO Gen Next, specializing in working with young people, visited Moscow and St. Petersburg for a meeting with the opposition. TV channel “Russia 24” also showed in this connection a story about a meeting of overseas experts and propagandists with Vladimir Milov, involved in video projects trying to earn political points on Russian corruption of Alexei Navalny.

In the course of such meetings, in order then neither the participants spoke to the public, the speech, first of all, goes “about financing, about money, about the black box office, about cash,” quoted Vesti.Ru. director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts of PFUR Dmitry Egorchenkov.

In his opinion, no less important role is played by the “issue of political consultation that Western NGOs are doing here in Russia,” therefore “the further in Russia the pre-election campaign is conducted, the more seriously this mechanism will be used” …

And, of course, he was involved, as in all previous elections, because intervening in foreign elections for Americans is a holy thing. The exposure of Russian senators is therefore, in fact, not a revelation, but a statement of all well-known practices. Well, if the right conclusions are drawn from this in Russia. It is not necessary to poke the Americans with this: they do not consider Russians – as, indeed, all others – to be equal with themselves, and they will simply ignore such exposures, even if they present all the evidence. They sincerely feel entitled to intervene always, everywhere and in everything, if they need it, and do not see this as a problem and, moreover, a reason for criticism. After all, as the American Republican Senator John McCain likes to repeat on the head: “The United States is the source of good in the world.”


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