Serbian Foreign Minister and First Deputy PM Ivica Dacic says last night’s operation to arrest Serbs in Kosovo represents continued pressure on Serbs living there, Serbian media reported today.

“We must have legal teams helping in such situations. That’s an intimidation message, and a message to Serbs that they can be accused of all sorts of things – proof of that is that we have come to the members of the Red Cross being considered the enemy,” Dacic told RTS this morning.

He pointed out that Serbia must continuously remind participants in all international gatherings, “and that is if they say Serbs committed genocide, present the data.”

“And the data is tragic – but for Serbs. The situation is similar with Croatia, where 500,000 Serbs used to live and now there are much fewer. 50,000 used to live in Zagreb… it’s similar in Pristina,” Dacic said.

Dacic also added members of the international community are always getting angry when this data is presented, but stressed that these are the facts. “President Vucic was clear – internal dialogue. But, they think we should immediately recognize Kosovo. That’s all they ask of us,” Dacic concluded.

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