The Russian military police forces were deployed in the Northern parts of Hama, dissident news sources reported on Thursday.

The news websites affiliated to the dissidents reported that the Russian military police were deployed to the front-line towns of Khattab and Taybat Al-Imam near the Idlib province.

The Russian troops moved the village of Abu Dali in Eastern Hama bordering the Southern parts of Idlib.

Relevant reports said last month that hundreds of Russian forces have been stationed in Southern Syria to monitor the ceasefire underway in the region.

Hundreds of Russian forces have deployed to the provinces of Dara’a and Quneitra to monitor ceasefire in Sothern Syria, AMN reported at the time.

Local sources said in late July that 400 Russian military police forces reached the driving training center near the village of al-Mothabin and the town of al-Sanamin in Northern Dara’a which were controlled by the Syrian army.

The sources also said that the Syrian soldiers set up a temporary military base for the Russian military police forces in the Northern parts of al-Isharah Battalion 110 region and near the town of al-Sanamin.

Reports said that the Russian forces visited several army-controlled areas, including the military ones, as well as the regions near the terrorist-held regions in the towns of Izra’a, Kharbat Qazaleh and Sheikh Meskin. 

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