Kurds rallied in favour of independence in the Kurdistan Region capital Erbil, Wednesday, ahead of an upcoming referendum on Kurdish independence from Iraq on September 25.

SOT, Abdul Mohsen Shehata, representative of Makhmour city (Arabic): “We representatives of the city of Makhmour support the decision by President Barzani regarding the date of the referendum, and we are ready to cast our votes in favor of the referendum, of liberty, of independence.”

SOT, Imad Hamid, representative of Kuwair region (Arabic): “I am a representative of the Kuwair region, we are one hand with our Kurdish brothers, and the referendum is a natural demand and we are brothers in this land, and we do not divide any boundaries, and we vote yes.”

SOT, Omar Zurbash, protester (Arabic): “As we always say, we are brothers with Arabs, we have no problem with them. We have a problem with the Iraqi regime, not the Iraqi people.”

SOT, Aram Ahmed, former Peshmerga soldier (Arabic): “I am a soldier of the old Peshmerga Kurdish, and we are 65 years ago and we demand independence and the establishment of a Kurdish state, and we are brothers with the Arabs.”

SOT, Yonadam Napoleon (Arabic): “I am a Christian, I wish success to the referendum, and I hope that the state of Kurdistan is developed and match the countries of the free world.”

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