UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres welcomes the UN Security Council’s adoption of a new resolution tightening sanctions on North Korea, the secretary general’s spokesman said in a statement published on the United Nations’ website.

“The Secretary General welcomes the adoption of a new Security Council resolution in response to the sixth nuclear test by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).Maintaining unity in the Security Council is crucial in tackling security challenges on the Korean Peninsula and beyond,” the statement reads.

According to the spokesman, the UN secretary general “sends a clear message that the DPRK must comply fully with its international obligations,” “urges the DPRK to abide by the decisions of the Council and allow space for the resumption of dialogue, and calls upon all Member States to ensure the full implementation of the relevant Security Council resolutions.”

“The Secretary General has taken note of the Security Council’s desire for a peaceful, diplomatic and political solution to the situation, as well as its urging of further work to reduce tensions. He reaffirms his commitment to working with all parties to this end and to strengthening communication channels,” the statement adds.

The UN Security Council earlier adopted a resolution tightening sanctions on North Korea in response to the country’s sixth nuclear test. The US-drafted document was supported by all members of the Security Council, including Russia and China. The new resolution, numbered 2375, bans the exports of textiles from North Korea and imposes an embargo on gas condensate deliveries to the country. Besides, the UN Security Council also cuts the imports of refined petroleum products to two million barrels a year. The document empowers countries to inspect vessels at sea, in case an embargo violation is suspected.

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