The Syrian army continued its military advances against the terrorists near the border with Jordan, and seized one of their strategic military bases.

The army units regained control of terrorists’ al-Handalat military base near the border with Jordan after the terrorists fled towards al-Rakban military base.

This is while the exit of terrorists from the military base took place after the Syrian army and its allies approached Camp Mouk operations room asked the terrorists to surrender their positions in Badiyeh (desert) region.

In a relevant development on Monday, the Iraqi air force pounded and destroyed several strategic bases of the ISIL terrorist group near the border with Syria.

Iraq’s fighter jets in several attacks destroyed ISIL’s military positions in the Western part of Iraq near Syria, destroying ISIL’s strategic bastions and an arms depot.

The air assaults also killed several foreign terrorists of the ISIL in the town of al-Qaem in Western al-Anbar, Alam al-Harbi reported.

Meantime, a headquarters of the ISIL where foreign terrorists were deployed was also destroyed and tens of the ISIL terrorists were killed in the raid.

Also a large amount of weapons and military equipment of the ISIL terrorists group in al-Qaem region was also destroyed.

In a relevant development in late August, the Iraqi Army forces killed 16 ISIL members after thwarting an attack by the militants near Tal Afar, their last bastion in Nineveh.

Col. Dureid Saeed, from the army’s 15th division, said that the militants, including four suicide bombers, were killed on the outskirts of Tal Afar upon attacking the forces, BasNews reported.

Tal Afar is 65 kilometers West of Mosul, and is home to a mixed Turkmen and Arab population. Iraqi forces recaptured Mosul, ISIL’s former capital, early July after more than eight months of military operations.

Having declared victory in Mosul, Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi and his defense officials marked Tal Afar as their next target of anti-ISIL action.

Iraqi defense officials said recently that warplanes were carrying out raids on the enclave in preparation for the ground invasion which is yet to be scheduled. Other field commanders reported reinforcements and deployments around the town in preparation for the invasion.

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