The strategic stability talks between the US and Russia, being held in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, are aimed at dispelling misinformation and working toward creating a more functional relationship, told a US State Department official.

“The United States and Russia are meeting this week in Helsinki for Strategic Stability Talks and bilateral consultations on a range of issues. The aim of these Strategic Stability Talks is to exchange views on issues that affect our strategic relationship, to dispel misinformation and misperceptions, and to work toward creating a more functional relationship,” the official said.

However, he declined to tell what issues the US delegation planned to bring up at the current talks. “The specific agenda and topics under discussion are confidential,” the State Department official noted. He said that “the US delegation is led by Under Secretary Shannon and includes senior representatives from across the US Government.” “The Russian delegation is led by Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov and similarly includes representatives from across the Russian government,” he added.

The current Russian-US talks started in Helsinki on September 11. Ryabkov told TASS earlier that the first day of talks had been dedicated to bilateral issues, all of which were very complicated and capable of significantly influencing Russian-US relations. On Tuesday, the parties will discuss strategic stability issues, he added.

The Russian and US delegations are also expected to discuss the future of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, that should be implemented by February 2018, as well as the situation surrounding the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, the US missile defense and other issues of this kind.

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