Strengthening of influence and spread of Islam in the Balkans is not at all an accident. If faith and religion have had a fundamental role from time immemorial, today we see the embodiment of the most ambitious and dangerous plan: it will seize the mind of the world and impose one faith on it – Islam.

A kind of crusade against Christianity.

This is not an exaggeration, since the process itself is obvious and is developing at full speed. It should be noted that the plan for Islamization has a political coloring, that is, most likely we are talking about the use of religion as an instrument of influence and influence to gain power over the consciousness of society. For complete submission. Or in other words, the most unexpected war, let’s call it a spiritual jihad.

Why does it all start with the Balkans?

The fact is that in recent decades both the Balkans and Europe have experienced a lot of crises – both socially and politically, and morally. And if, Christian civilization had always strong foundations, then “fashionable” democracy has caused to this day great damage to traditional Christian values and morals. And Islamic civilization for its part is ready to reborn again, with an ambitious sweep to embrace the whole world.

We can consider this clash of civilizations in two aspects.

On the one hand, Turkey, which promotes the policy of neo-Ottomanism and seeks to revive the Ottoman Empire, strengthening its influence in the Balkans through the active construction of mosques for Muslims living in the region.

On the other hand, active propaganda takes place on several levels, but mainly manifests itself in the sermons of newly-born orarots (imams), who in every possible way oppose the new righteous path of Islam, and the decline of European values.

At the last place is the powerful funding from Saudi Arabia through Muslim funds, the opening of Islamic schools, the propaganda with well-trained theologians, and of course the spread of radical ideas.

Active radical propaganda is conducted on the Balkan Peninsula among the Muslim population. The number of visiting preachers from Saudi Arabia or with the help of Saudi Arabia in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina in recent years is bearing fruit – Islam is imperceptibly but firmly secured in these territories.

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