Surely some readers are interested in exactly how the situation is developing around the new criminal scandal, which again shook the UK. Recall that almost a hundred girls in Newcastle were victims of sexual violence from ethnic gangs from Pakistan.

Despite several days of noise, the story quickly disappeared from the main news. In fact, the same situation as in Rotherham, where after the arrest of the same gang of rapists, the situation did not receive its logical continuation.

Local officials who knew and covered rapists did not suffer serious punishment. In the situation with the scandal in Newcastle, the only person who behaved correctly was the shadow Labor Minister for equality and women’s rights, Sarah Champion.

Champion is one of the counties in the city of Rotherham, so she knows firsthand about such gangs. In her article for the British tabloid “The Sun”, the shadow minister openly stated that there is a certain trend that Pakistani gangs choose young white Britons for their purposes.

According to the shadow minister, it is time to open eyes to the growth of such ethnic groups. In the Labor Party, an internal scandal broke out, and Champion was forced to leave his post of shadow minister. At the same time, some of the members of the Newcastle gang began to announce sentences. So, one of the main rapists Rahim (father of two daughters) was sentenced to 29 years in prison.

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