Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has slammed Ukraine’s criminal probe launched against Georgian ex-president and former Odessa Region’s governor Mikhail Saakashvili over the illegal border crossing as “political circus.”

Moscow is not monitoring the border crossings of Saakashvili, Peskov said.”The Kremlin has many very serious issues on the agenda, which should be monitored, and we are dealing with this,” Peskov told reporters. “I don’t think this issue (Saakashvili’s travel) is qualified as a serious one.”

“More likely, this is an amusing issue that falls under the category of political circus,” he said.

On Sunday evening, Saakashvili and his supporters broke through a police cordon at the Shegeni checkpoint at the Polish-Ukrainian border to cross into Ukraine. According to the State Border Guard Service, 12 National Police fighters and 10 border guards have sustained bodily harm. Earlier, Polish border guards let Saakashvili out of the country but warned about possible problems with the Ukrainian side.

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