First appeared at Russia Insider

The Russian president was quite on a roll at the press conference at the end of BRICS summit in China.

He first expressed his contempt for US elites as “people who confuse Austria with Australia“.

Then he explained the US can not count on further Russian help in squeezing North Korea:

“It is of course embarrassing at the very least to place us on par with North Korea and then ask our help in exercising sanctions against North Korea.”

And finally he reminded a US journalist statecraft is done in a completely different way in Moscow: Putin refused to discuss calls in the U.S. to impeach Trump, and when he was asked for a personal assessment of his American counterpart’s performance as president, the Russian leader said he was anything but let down.

“As far as being disappointed or not disappointed is concerned, your question seems very naive,” Putin told one reporter, according to Russia’s Interfax news agency. “He is not my bride, and I am not his bride nor groom. We deal with the business of governing.”


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