French President Emanuel Macron proposed to reform the EU and said that in 2018 Europeans will be able to discuss the upcoming changes. During his visit to Athens, the homeland of democracy, he proposed, in particular, to create a parliament of the eurozone and elect him into a single European list.

His vision of democracy and the future of the EU, Macron stated in a speech, which he delivered at Pnykse – the birthplace of democracy in the world where the first meetings of the Athenians took place.

Macron began his speech in Greek.

“Here, 2,500 years ago the Greeks invented democracy is a great honor -. To say here,” – Macron said in Greek, prompting applause from the audience, and then switched to French.

“I propose a roadmap of the future of Europe. I propose a new method that will not discuss the new Europe only behind closed doors. We need to set new goals in 2018 in all countries and nations to discuss what Europe they want. As will be within six months meetings of citizens, and in the future joint lists will be created for elections in Europe and parliament in the eurozone, “Macron said, pointing to Europe’s failures.

According to him, one must get out of the dilemma, on the one hand, the question whether people will say yes or no in a populist referendum, and on the other hand fear of referendums.

Macron said that we must stop the civil war in Europe and find what unites people for centuries, the European civilization.
As he said, the Greek crisis is a failure of all Europe.

“We need to find the strength to restart Europe, people need Europe, we need to find the strength to resume Europe,” said Macron.
“If we continue to remain blind, we will be a generation that will take responsibility for the death of Europe, and we must start with strong self-criticism,” he said.

Macron said that with the new Europe it will be possible to fight terrorism and support European sovereignty, but it will be necessary to redefine the concept of national sovereignty.

“We Europeans, citizens of Babylon, with many languages ​​and different cultures, democracy, sovereignty, culture are three things that we must offer to young people,” the French president said and called not to be afraid of change, reminding of the founders of a united Europe.

“The choice of France is to discuss this vision and the desire to create a more powerful Europe,” said Macron.