By Earick Ward

As Donald Trump ends Barack Obama’s unconstitutional DACA program, giving enforcement agencies and Congress a six-month head start to legislate a permanent solution, the debate about the merits of unrestricted immigration (and the Rule of Law) is once again front and center.

As seen in this clip on CNN’s State of the Union show this past Sunday, a rational conversation about amnesty (or legalization) will be hard to find.  Leftists, as they now are wont to do, ascribe any opposition to the granting of citizenship to those who have entered this country illegally to nativism and racism.  (Of course, what isn’t, right?)

What is racist is the disparate impact that unrestrained illegal immigration has had on lower- to middle-class blacks.  It is no secret that illegal immigrants drive down wages, as they very often work off the books and below the prevailing wage.  Many jobs that young inner-city black youths might otherwise have done have often been taken by illegal workers.

What is dismaying is how the Democrats are able to keep various contingent groups loyally within their ranks.  Do not poor blacks see how illegal immigration negatively affects their access to the bottom and middle rungs of the ladder of success?  Does the LGBT community not feel at odds opposing conservative Christians while at the same time marching behind radical Islamist Linda Sarsour?  Are single women so enamored with liberalism that they’ll embrace a party that is welcoming refugees to our country, who routinely subjugate women?

We (as a nation) have abandoned rational thought.  While conservatives generally seek to limit government, and to operate within a constitutionally prescribed set of laws and precepts, leftists seem hell-bent on abandoning the rule of law if and when it serves their interests to do so.  If illegal immigrants voted predominantly Republican, they would have funded that border wall themselves (as Mark Zuckerberg has done).

But back to young blacks.  Apart from being denied opportunities to enter and rise through the workforce, what do you think the impact is on quality education?  Does increased money needed to educate a non-English speaker have a negative impact on money spent educating you and your native-born, English-speaking children?  How about health care?  Are you pleased with your access to care?  The quality of said care, once seen?  Odds are, your access is limited and the quality is poor.  The hard reality is, every dollar spent servicing an illegal immigrant is a dollar taken away from servicing your access to these institutions.

Illegal immigration serves two purposes and only two: a seemingly loyal, left-leaning voting bloc and cheap, below-prevailing-wage labor.

As a left-leaning voting bloc yourselves, you must ask – do Democrats have our best interest at heart, or are their actions self-serving?  Have the promises made to the black community for 50 years panned out?  Are you better off, since you (seemingly) pledged your loyalty to the Democratic Party?  My black brothers, y’all getting hosed.  To my legal Hispanic brothers, look at the plight of our inner-city black liberal neighbors, and ask yourself: is this what we can expect 50 years hence?  The answer, almost assuredly, is yes.  Your party, appreciates your loyalty.