With a refutation of information about the attempts of the US authorities to get in touch, lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya made a speech. According to the Russian woman, the Americans did not file requests in the investigation of her meeting with the son of the president of the head of the White House, Donald Trump Jr..

“I did not receive any inquiries,” Veselnitskaya stressed in a telephone interview to the American NBC television channel. “The more I analyze the situation in which it turned out, the more I feel that I’m participating in some kind of show, in a movie … But nobody discussed it with me and did not show me the script,” added the Russian woman.

Earlier in the US media, information appeared that last June Trump Jr., on the eve of presidential elections in the US, met with Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya, who allegedly “has connections in the Kremlin” and had compromising information about Trump’s opponent in the US presidential elections in 2016, Hillary Clinton.

This information provoked outrage among the opponents of the US president, who believe that the meeting may indicate the collusion of Trump’s election headquarters with the Russian Federation. Trump Jr. himself said at the meeting that he did not find out anything interesting about Clinton.