China, just like Russia, believes the path of the sanctions pressure against North Korea has come to an end, told Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov.

“Toughening sanctions is some kind of a process. We, and, as far as I know, our Chinese counterparts believe that it has practically come to an end,” Denisov said.

“The sanctions, which, according to the UN Security Council, should have impacted North Korea’s stance, have already been imposed, but, unfortunately, they have failed to achieve the desired effect,” the diplomat stressed.

According to Denisov, further toughening sanctions against Pyongyang would be unwise. “Any steps in that direction would mean stifling North Korea’s economy. That will primarily affect ordinary citizens, the country’s population,” he noted. “Therefore, we believe that there is no alternative to the peaceful solution path, and we must follow this path, convey this proposal to the North Korean leadership and persuade it to maintain dialogue.”

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