German Chancellor Angela Merkel, during a pre-election tour of the federal state of Saxony, again faced protests and insults. On Wednesday, the leader of the Christian Democratic Union whistled in the city of Torgau several dozen supporters of the party “Alternative for Germany” and anti-Islamic movement PEGIDA.

Participants of the action, which took place on the market square of the city, chanted “Get out!”, “Traitor of the people!”, “Remove!”. This is the second visit to Merkel of Saxony during the current election campaign. In mid-August, she was already performing in the Saxon town of Annaberg-Buchholz. Then she was also met with protests and insults.

On Tuesday, unknown people threw two tomatoes at the pre-election rally in Heidelberg (federal state of Baden-Württemberg) to the chancellor. One of them hit the left hip of Merkel, the other – in the lead of the meeting. The Chancellor reacted to the incident with a smile, he did not affect the schedule of her pre-election events.

Elections to the Bundestag, which will result in the formation of the government and appointed the Chancellor, will be held on September 24.