The active phase of the Russian-Mongolian exercise “Selenga-2017” to eliminate illegal armed formations began in the Gobi Desert, the press service of the Eastern Military District reported.

“The phase of the Russian-Mongolian exercise” Selenga-2017 “began. At the “Zuunbayan” training ground, the joint grouping of troops worked out the issues of combating illegal armed groups. From the Russian side, combat shooting conducted calculations of multiple rocket launchers BM-21 Grad. Shooting took place on special targets simulating lightly armored vehicles of conventional armed illegal formations, “the district reports, noting that in turn the Mongolian servicemen covered the positions of the drones-scouts of the conventional enemy with the help of mobile anti-aircraft guns.

As previously reported, the solemn ceremony of opening the Russian-Mongolian exercises “Selenga-2017” was held at the “Zuunbayan” training ground in the Gobi desert, joint exercises are held for the first time in such difficult climatic conditions. The joint force grouping will work out the liquidation of conditional illegal armed formations, more than 1,000 military personnel take part in the exercises, about 250 weapons, military and special equipment are involved.

In the course of the exercises, the Russian military taught the Mongolian colleagues to strike a conventional adversary with a “fire roundabout”: the principle of conducting a tank battle, in which there is a succession of rounds of combat vehicles and the defeat of the conventional adversary by flanking fire in motion. Mechanics-drivers of the Eastern Military District, while preparing for the active phase of the exercises, mastered orientation in the Gobi desert with the help of Buddhist signs, the Russian military learned to use local natural and artificial signs to determine the sides of the world.

“Selenga-2017” – the tenth joint exercise, in which military air defense forces participate. From 2008 to 2010, the maneuvers were called “Darkhan” (in translation from the Mongolian – “Blacksmith”). Since 2011, international exercises have been renamed after the name of the Selenga River, which runs in Mongolia. From the Russian side, the tactical group of the combined arms association of the Air Defense Force deployed in the Republic of Buryatia is participating. Servicemen are working out joint actions in the fight against conventional illegal formations.