The US will provide an air support to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the expected advance against ISIS in the province of Deir Ezzor, Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend, the commander of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition in Iraq and Syria told reporters via a video teleconference from Baghdad.

The US general said that the final battle against ISIS will take place in the Middle Euphrates River Valley, which includes the oil-rich countryside of the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor.

A large part of the Deir Ezzor city is besiged by ISIS terrorists and now the Syrian Army and its allies are working to lift the siege.

Townsend  said that the US thinks the SDF would be a suitable force for the battle against ISIS there. In other words, Washington and US-backed forces clearly aim to seize oil fields in the Deir Ezzor countryside.

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