Possible deliveries of US lethal weapons to Ukraine in principle the situation in the Donbass will not change, but this can lead to an increase in the number of victims, provoke the use of military force in other territories, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“It is a US sovereign decision, to whom to sell weapons or to supply free of charge, and to the country that is a recipient of this aid.” But there is no way to influence this process, but there are general international rules and approaches – the conflict zone does not favor the pacification, but only exacerbates the situation, “Putin said at a press conference on the results of the BRICS summit on Tuesday.

According to him, “if this happens in this case, in principle this decision (the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine) will not change the situation, will not affect the situation in any way, but the number of victims can certainly increase.”

“I want to emphasize that everything is clear: nothing will change.” The number of victims may increase, and this is unfortunate, “he repeated.

According to him, “there is one more point that should be paid attention to – who carries such ideas.”

“This is because the self-proclaimed republics have enough weapons, including captured from the opposing side, from the nationalist battalions, and if American weapons enter the conflict zone, it is difficult to say how the proclaimed republics will react – maybe they will send the available they have weapons in other conflict zones that are sensitive to those who create problems for them, “Putin warned.

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