Against the background of the release of one of the suspects in a knife attack in the Finnish city of Turku, the local newspaper Ilta-Sanomat published a sensational story, which reported that officials are considering the issue of providing apartments and social services out of turn to more than 20 militants from ISIS ranks who returned to Finland. Such an initiative of the authorities has brought even the most tolerant Finns into a stupor.

“The police released a man suspected of possible involvement in the attack with a knife in Turku on August 18,” said in a statement posted on the website of the Finnish police. The man was taken into custody last Tuesday. At the moment, only the main suspect remains in the detention, a 23-year-old Moroccan-born Abderrahman Boanan, who attacked a passerby in a Finnish Turku on August 18. Two women died, eight others were wounded. The police confirmed that the attack in Turku is being investigated under the article “terrorism”. And, although the police say that this migrant is not involved in the act of terrorism, the local population doubts the real reasons for the release.

Ilta-Sanomat has added oil to the fire by an article, which tells how the authorities literally lure the terrorists to themselves, in the hope of cajoling and re-educating them with benefits and apartments. “Last spring, the Finnish Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a call to cooperate with official agencies to reduce the danger in the country by increasing the level of integration into society of mercenaries and other persons who were on the territory of the conflict, including by providing them with various social services.  “The most important for the integration into society of people returning from the conflict zone is the provision of basic things necessary for life, such as apartment and livelihood,” the Ministry’s proposal reads.

The Ministry notes that, from the point of view of legal conscience, it would be problematic to provide social services to those returned from ISIS – while other citizens, for example, have to wait a long time for the state-allocated apartment. According to the Ministry, social workers will have to explain this problem to the local population. 

Ilta-Sanomat asked Anna Cantell-Forsbom, the head of the Vantaa family service department, to explain this initiative, noting that the Finnish legislation doesn’t have indulgences for the terrorists who fought: “I believe that if integration into society is one of the best mechanisms against radicalization, then apartment and education are of primary importance,” Cantell-Forsbom said. According to her, the danger of radicalization of mercenaries could be a justified reason for the rapid provision of an apartment to them. “Of course, support should be provided in other ways. The apartment alone does not solve anything. Other vital aspects should also be in order,” she says.”

So everything turns out to be simple, but the Syrians, Russians, Iranians and others were tormented, fought with them, to the victorious and for every meter of the soil. It was necessary to give them everything with fattening allowances, bigger apartments, and a book with tolerant pictures, and they would immediately love everyone in a row. What about the rest, who honestly plowed at the factory and stood in line? Yes, in any way – they will wait, as to provide ISIS fighters with everything is of top priority.

Recall, the trial against a 53-year-old resident of Stockholm, who ate bacon in front of three Muslim women, ended in Sweden. He was sentenced to a fine of more than $ 3 000. Moreover, he got a fine for sitting in front of three women in hijabs in a commuter train after work and “demonstratively” eating bacon. The women went to the police, after which he was detained. The convict did not recognize his “guilt”. The man says that he just wanted to eat. It is worth noting that he was also suspected of insulting women – allegedly a man said that he “hates Muslims”. The court failed to prove this guilt. Here against the backdrop of such a “terrible” crime of the indigenous Swede, in Stockholm, a cute migrant-terrorist tolerantly poked a policeman with a knife on his neck while patrolling the streets. The hooligan is detained, but he will not receive a serious term, as the policeman has already been discharged – the terrorist has not yet learned how to cut off heads normally.

However, let’s return to the Finns. In addition to the local Ministry of Internal Affairs, social protection has come into play. The statement of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland expresses a positive attitude to the “special support” of militants who have returned from the zones of military conflicts. “Children and families who returned from conflict zones are particularly in need of prompt assistance, who have seen violence and, perhaps, even experienced it on their own. The main thing with respect to mercenaries is to find out whether they are involved in the commission of crimes. At some stage and after careful consideration, they can also be helped, “says the Director of Development of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Tarja Mankkinen,” Finnish journalists write. Moreover, to realize the project, the money was decided to demand from private traders.

“The Finnish state gaming association RAY already sponsors the Radinet project, which is based on preventing of the radicalization of society. The project is aimed, among other things, to help former militants. In this and last year, the association allocated 300 thousand euros to finance the project. According to Ray, next year the project will be allocated another 140 thousand euros. Young people who return from combat operations can receive special program assistance from social workers and healthcare professionals,” Ilta-Sanomat sums up.

The most interesting thing is that the Scandinavians justify their actions by tolerance, which in medicine means a decrease in the body’s resistance, weakening of the immunological reaction of the body to the introduction of foreign genes into it. Total tolerance means death. Here they are, like, still alive, and the state organism almost does not react to the situation, reacts more accurately, but somehow it is inadequate, like filling a fire with gasoline.

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