Sergei Pashinsky contributed to the flight from Ukraine snipers after the shooting of the Maidan and drowned their weapons.

This was announced by Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko on the air of “112 Channel”.

“With the help of the counterintelligence of the Ministry of Defense, we found a weapon of the” Black Hundred “, including a sniper rifle, which the whole country saw during the terrible shots of shooting from the October Palace at Maidan. We found it together with a large number of machine guns in one of the Kiev lakes. They were cut and drowned by one group, whose leader is already following the investigation, “Lutsenko said.

He also said that cases of 19 “Berkut”, allegedly involved in the shootings on the Maidan, were transferred to court, 6 of them are in custody. Another 13 people are at the pre-trial investigation stage, 5 of them are in custody.

According to Lutsenko, these cases will also be referred to the court.

He added that 36 more people are wanted and will be sentenced in absentia.

“I also expect the transfer of this charge to the court this year,” said the Prosecutor General.

Will Sergei Pashinsky be involved until it is reported.

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