BRICS leaders condemn North Korea’s nuclear test

Leaders of BRICS strongly condemn North Korea’s nuclear test on Sunday and call for a direct dialogue on the nuclear problem on the Korean Peninsula, according to a declaration adopted by the group.

“We strongly deplore the nuclear test conducted by DPRK,” the document said.

“We express deep concern over the ongoing tension and prolonged nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, and emphasize that it should only be settled through peaceful means and direct dialogue of all the parties concerned,” it said.

On September 3, North Korea officially announced a successful test of a hydrogen bomb that could be used as a warhead for an intercontinental ballistic missile. The news met tough reaction of the world community. South Korea and the United States said they did not rule out a possible military response to North Korea’s actions.

On Monday, the UN Security Council is due to hold a meeting on North Korea’s nuclear test.