Today, September 3, 2017 in Berlin, on the World Day Against Terrorism, and the anniversary of the events in Beslan, with the support of Russian, German, Irish Organizations (Officers of Russia, Friendship, Global Rights of Peace People, Desant e.V, Mobius) in Berlin the action “Children Draw the World” helds, which was originally launched by Alexander Borisov.

The meaning, the essence of the action, the message of children as a symbol of peace to all points of the globe, to convey to adults, how important every sunny day is, children’s joy and laughter, through drawings about the world, a shopping cart and crafts for children.

We express our deep gratitude to the owner of the “Shoko Fabrik” institution Irakli Kemerlidze, for the opportunity to hold today’s action. In Berlin, the initiators of the action were: Oleg Eremenko (Russian officer), Oleg Muzyka (human rights activist from Odessa).

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