Montenegrin journalist criticized article of Telegraph about “Russian trace”

Montenegrin journalist Matija Nikolić, in an interview with Sputnik Srbija, criticized the article of the British newspaper The Telegraph, which published “sensational” photos, allegedly proving Moscow’s connection with an unsuccessful coup attempt in Montenegro.

These are pictures that, according to the publication, the GRU officer Eduard Shishmakov and the Serbian nationalist Alexander Sinjelich are depicted – this is supposedly the “main proof” of the fact that Russian intelligence is linked to plans for the assassination of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

“For the Telegraph it does not matter at all that when two people walk in the park, or before any court of this planet, this will not be a relevant proof of anything, let alone a conspiracy to overthrow the power in another country,” he told Sputnik.

According to him, as soon as a discussion begins in Montenegro that the country has become part of NATO illegally, foreign media or officials immediately begin to blame Russia for everything.

For a while, the story of the assassination in general went into the background, but after the visit of the US vice-president to her again returned, and the authorities obediently broadcast the American version without providing any evidence, he complains.

As for the pictures of The Telegraph, none of the competent structures did not demand verification of their authenticity and try to find out where they came from.

”The purpose of this propaganda is to convince people, in every possible way, that NATO is good, and Russia wanted to organize a coup,” the Sputnik interlocutor said.

According to media reports, the attempt on the Montenegrin prime minister was prevented several hours before his alleged implementation on October 16, 2016. In February, the same Telegraph article appeared with a reference to a source in the British government, according to which the Russian special services were involved in the assassination attempt.

However, Moscow denied all such accusations. Nor did the Procurator’s Office of Montenegro find evidence of such allegations.


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