Italian bus driver attacked by migrants



A bus driver in Italy has sustained numerous injuries after being beaten by a group of men in Parma to the cheers of a larger crowd of alleged immigrants. The attack, which could have been racially motivated, was filmed on camera.

Following repeated insults, video shows a young black man getting onto the bus, striking the bus driver to the ground. At least three men helped instigate the assault.

The driver was saved by a policeman who rushed to the scene. The victim suffered several bruises and a cut to his nose. According to local media, the veteran Tep bus driver of 31 years was admitted to a hospital with various injuries.

It is not yet clear what prompted Tuesday’s incident or whether or not the assailants were migrants who have come to Italy from Africa. While Italian police and Tep conduct their own separate investigations, two different versions of the events have emerged, Italian media reported.


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