A small number of Syrian Army soldiers repelled a large-scale ISIL attack at a key town near the provincial borders of Homs and Hama provinces in Aqayrabat region, field sources reported Friday.

“Some twenty five elite forces of the army known as ISIL hunters deployed in the village of al-Moshirfeh in Eastern Hama came under attack by 350 ISIL terrorists,” the sources said, adding that the army soldiers managed successfully to fend off the terrorists’ attack.

“The army units were supported by constant Russian airstrikes since only Russian airpower has the technological means to carry out precision night attacks,” they added.

A military field source said on Thursday that the army forces regained control of al-Moshirfeh in Eastern Hama near Aqayrabat.

He added that since the battle in Aqayrabat is highly important to the ISIL, the terrorist group well prepared for the battle and has dug a large number of ditches and planted mines in the region. The ISIL has also stockpiled a large number of weapons, tanks, sniper guns and missiles.

The source said that the Syrian army troops reached areas 2km away from Aqayrabat, adding that the anti-ISIL operations would further accelerate after the special ‘ISIL Hunters’ forces join the army.

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