Concerned activists will march in many European countries against the destruction of soviet monuments in Poland. All protests are coordinated together and they will all take place on the 2nd of September 2017 in front of the Polish consulates and embassies.

The protests are organized by the Humanitarian battalion for Donbass in Ireland & UK and the Communist Party of Ireland in coordination with Antiimperialistische Aktion, ZPR „Grunwald” and the Communist Party of Poland in Poland, the 9th of May initiative in Athens, the Molotov Club in Moscow and the Russian Compatriots of Europe in Estonia.

According to the action’s organizers, it is the obligation of all nations of Europe to faithfully retain the memories of the important events of the last century. This campaign of destruction of Red Army monuments is an attempt to erase the memory of Poland’s liberation from German forces by the Red Army and is therefore a crucial part of the campaign to incite hatred between these nations. US war provocateurs cannot be allowed to incite another war, which initially would be fought on Polish territory, but which would spread to Central and possibly Western Europe as well.


Social activists have set the final goal to stop the demolition of the Soviet monuments in Poland and will try their best to inform the international public with a view to make this cause the matter of the United Nations.

Let’s recall that this year, on 22nd June, Polish Parliament passed a law which orders the demolition of Soviet monuments and memorials on Polish soil. This agenda has united an otherwise fiercely polarized political landscape.

It’s worth noting that some local administrations in spite of threats and administrative pressure from the state have refused to participate in the demolition.

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