Russian servicemen of the Center for Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria delivered humanitarian aid to the population of two settlements located in the zone of de-escalation north of the city of Homs.

For the first time, the delivery of humanitarian aid to the zone of de-escalation in the province of Homs to the territory controlled by representatives of the moderate Syrian opposition was held in early August. The humanitarian operation was preceded by the negotiations of representatives with the armed opposition, whose militants, in exchange for providing humanitarian assistance to the population, guaranteed the cessation of hostilities and promised to unblock the important Homs-Ham road for the civilian population.

In total, Russian servicemen distributed about two tons of food – flour, sugar, rice. In addition, previously managed to open the road Homs – Hama for the delivery of food and medicine deep into the zone deeskalatsii. The first such gumkonvoem was the UN column. According to the representative. Sazonov, in this convoy products, things, stationery, necessary for the beginning of the academic year.

As stated by the representative of the authorities of Homs, the opening on this road of the gum corridor due to the efforts of the Russian Federation will allow in the future to restore peace in the north of the province.

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