The EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security Policy, Federica Mogerini, will meet in Brussels on August 31 with Serbian President Alexander Vucic and with the head of the unrecognized separatist entity “Republic of Kosovo” Hashim Thaci. As reported on the official website of the European Community, the participants of the meeting are planning to discuss the views on the continuation of the dialogue on the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina. During the meeting in July, the parties agreed to start preparing a new phase of the dialogue, the site recalled.

It is expected that Magerini will also discuss with his interlocutors the degree of implementation of the agreements reached.

The political adviser to the “president of Kosovo” Ardian Arifai told reporters on August 29 that Vucic and Thaci will discuss ideas for a new phase of the dialogue, which is expected to result in the signing of a “final agreement”, Brussels-based Beta agency reported.

According to Arifay, Tachi would like to form a team to participate in the dialogue, which should include representatives of the parliament and the government of the “Republic of Kosovo”. Therefore, it demands that the process of forming institutions of power be completed as soon as possible, which still did not form after the extraordinary “parliamentary elections” on June 11.

Hashim Thaci is the fifth “president” of the unrecognized Kosovo, one of the initiators of the declaration of independence of the province from Serbia in February 2008. During the armed conflict in Kosovo in 1999, Thaci became one of the main leaders of the terrorist group “Kosovo Liberation Army”. According to the former Prosecutor of the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Carla del Ponte, during the conflict in Kosovo in the 1990s Hashim Thaci organized abductions for the sake of seizing organs and selling them to European clinics. According to Belgrade media reports, Thaci earned at least 4 million DMs on organs that were seized from live people.

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