Poroshenko’s Block: Military operation is being prepared to seize Donetsk and Lugansk

The law “on the reintegration of Donbass”, announced the day before by the administration of Petro Poroshenko, is in fact a law on “de-occupation” and provides for the military seizure of the territories of the DPR and the LPR. This was broadcast on Channel 5 by the head of the faction “Bloc Petro Poroshenko” in the Verkhovna Rada, Ivan Vinnik, the correspondent of “Political Navigator” reports.

According to him, the law also specifies measures that Ukraine will apply in the Donbass after its capture.

“What we have earned, it’s called not about reintegration, but about de-occupation. And, the main word that is used after it is determined that Russia is an aggressor is the liberation of the territory. As soon as the territory is liberated – voluntarily or compulsorily – from the Russian occupation forces that are there, we will already carry out a variety of measures to reintegrate these territories, from socio-economic to election.

Who will liberate – the Ukrainian army, the Armed Forces of Ukraine together with other military formations will be liberated. From someone from the Russian Federation, this is stated in the preamble, “Vinnik said.