The European Union fulfills the promises made by Turkey regarding the resolution of the migration crisis. This was announced at a press conference in Berlin by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to her, Brussels will give Ankara additional funds in the amount of 3 billion euros, necessary for the maintenance of migrants. Merkel noted that projects have been prepared for the financing of which it is expected to spend most of the 3 billion euro budget allocated by the EU to the needs of refugees in Turkey.

“The preparation of some of these projects has not yet been completed, so the funds are not fully allocated. But the EU is behind these promises, “the chancellor said, Anadolu reports.

Merkel believes that while Turkey has not met all the criteria necessary for the liberalization of the visa regime, in particular, there are disagreements concerning the law on combating terrorism.

The Chancellor also commented on the tension that exists recently in the relations between Turkey and the EU. “Of course, we would like to establish better relations with Ankara, but we need to face the truth,” the politician stressed. Merkel also called on the Turkish authorities to release the citizens of Germany who were detained in the country on suspicion of having links with terrorists and still being under arrest, since, as the politician believes, this is one of the main conditions for the normalization of relations between the two sides.

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