The conclusion of the Czech president that Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming the “terrorist base of Europe” is completely unsurprising, given that right now a stateless person and one of the most famous terrorists, Tariq Mahmoud Ahmed al Sabah, is freely staying there, the Belgrade edition “Evening News” reffers to a comment by an expert on security and terrorism from the Republika Srpska Javad Galiyasevic.

“Zeman only confirmed this, but not because he is so worried about Bosnia, but because in this way Bosnia is becoming a serious threat to its neighbors and to the European Union. From the EU, such statements by high-ranking officials have increased, in fact, warnings that Bosnia must withdraw from this path, eliminate the functioning of “parallel societies” part with the Islamist past, otherwise isolation will follow,” Galiyasevic said.

According to him, Bosnia has long been a place for the creation of a terrorist base.

“In this country there are still 64 Wahhabi settlements, the majority of which agreed to join the Islamic community, and 22 operate separately. But this is spoken from the religious aspect, there is no common position of security services. Only in BiH about 600 thousand people pass through these services as terrorists who help terrorist organizations. About 100,000 represent the basis of religious support for terrorism. Members of Al Mujahideen freely walk around Bosnia, they were never tried. There six convicts who spent ten years in Guantanamo, and now they are without adequate supervision,” the expert continues.

“Here we have special services from Saudi Arabia, humanitarian organizations, which are included in the lists of banned because of the financing of terrorism. Turkey also fully controls the Bosnian services. If Serbs, Croats and Boshnians in BiH have accepted this state of affairs, then Europe will not accept it exactly.”

Earlier, Czech President Miloš Zeman announced that after the defeats in Syria and Iraq, terrorists from the Middle East will actively pursue the issue of basing in Europe, where Bosnia and Herzegovina will be their base. Official Sarajevo strongly rejected such assumptions.

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