US sectoral sanctions against Venezuela are aimed at worsening the internal imbalance in that country and economic problems, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Monday.

“We are firmly opposed to unilateral sanctions against sovereign states,” Zakharova said. “The latest measures of financial pressure on Venezuela and President Nicolas Maduro were introduced by Washington at a time when that country showed signs of relative internal political stabilization after the elections to the National Constituent Assembly, street protests eased somewhat and a schedule of forthcoming elections, including gubernatorial and presidential ones, was finalized.”

“In a situation like this the declared sectoral sections against Venezuela’s financial and oil sectors were quite obviously aimed at unbalancing the situation in that country and worsening its economic problems,” Zakharova said. “They encourage the irreconcilables who see no political chances for themselves without ousting the Venezuelan leadership from power.”

The sanctions will not affect Moscow’s willingness to cooperate with Caracas, according to Zakharova.

“We will carefully analyze the consequences of the sanctions imposed by the US and their potential impact on the interests of Russia and Russian businesses,” she said. ” However, we can say now that they will not be able to influence our willingness to develop and boost our cooperation with friendly Venezuela and its people.”

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