Russia will submit for consideration by the UN General Assembly draft rules of conduct in cyberspace. As Izvestia writes referring to Andrei Krutsky, the Russian president’s special representative for international cooperation in the field of information security, Moscow is going to test the effectiveness of cyber-law at regional sites by presenting a project within the CSTO, BRICS and SCO.

According to Krutskikh, the initiative to introduce international rules of conduct in the information space is supported by the majority of UN member countries. However, the work on the project is hampered by the position of a number of countries led by the United States. According to Herman Klimenko, adviser to the president of the Russian Federation on the Internet, this is due to the fact that the US is not ready to work on an agenda that affects Europe and Asia, but does not concern them.

At the same time, the publication asserts, the adopted rules would help prevent WannaCry and Petya malware attacks, as well as prevent possible terrorist diversions on the Web. Among such norms may be the obligations of states to use peacefully cyberspace, abandon attacks on the critical infrastructure of each other, and also agree to jointly fight against hackers, the newspaper said.

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