In the south-west of the country on the border with Jordan, the government army is fighting militants.The Syrian army has already regained control of many points on the border.

During a week of fighting in this region, government forces cleared the “Islamic State” group, banned in the Russian Federation, from terrorists * about 100 square km of territory.

It is worth noting that Jordan expects to soon open the border with Syria, if the situation in the south of the neighboring country finally stabilizes.

Jordan, together with the US and Russia, is the guarantor of compliance with the ceasefire agreement in the three southern Syrian provinces bordering on the kingdom, which entered into force on July 9.

Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed in May to establish in Syria four zones of de-escalation with a view to further extending the ceasefire to other parts of Syria.

To date, Syria has created three zones of de-escalation: north of the city of Homs, in the suburbs of Damascus – in the area of ​​East Guta, as well as on the Syrian border with Jordan – in the province of Deraa. In addition, work is underway to launch another de-escalation zone in the province of Idlib.

* ISIS/ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) is a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation.

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