Yesterday, the Syrian army could only dream of such successes, and today the troops under the control of President Bashar Assad are rapidly developing an offensive against ISIS/ISIL (Islamic State, IS, the structure is banned in the Russian Federation – Ed.) On all fronts. It is likely that the last stronghold of terrorists on Syrian land – Deir ez-Zor – will soon fall, which government troops, with the support of Russian military security services, are stormed from three sides.

A military correspondent in Syria, political scientist, journalist Igor Dimitriev, in an exclusive commentary by News Front, said that the liberation of Deir ez Zor would mean the completion of the active phase of the civil war in Syria.

“Rather, Stalingrad is Aleppo. Deir ez-Zor will actually mean the end of the active phase of the civil war in Syria. The fact is that the city of Deir ez-Zor in fact will be the last serious large stronghold of ISIS in the region that could become the new capital of ISIS. They planned to finish off the remaining defenders, who were entrenched in the center of the city and place their control structures there in Deir ez-Zora itself, “he said.

“This is the largest city in the east of Syria. It stands on the bank of Euphrates and in peacetime was the center of the oil refining and oil industry of Syria, in the vicinity of the city most of the Syrian oil fields. There, in the valley of the Efrat River, were important important territories that provided Syria with grain and cotton, raw materials for food and light industries. And in general, the economy occupied an important place in the economy. For example, the average salary in Syria and the highest was in Deir ez-Zor. But culturally, he gravitated toward neighboring Iraq and there was quite tense. The situation was that the desert areas around Deir ez-Zor were open enough to move Islamic groups from the territory of Iraq, the border there was very poorly controlled. And from the beginning of the civil war in Syria, the province was occupied by the soldiers of the SSA, and later by Jebhatt * an-Nusra: in general, first a moderate opposition, then Islamists, and more recently, ISIS. But the city itself for all these years has retained its defense capability, parts of the National Guard headed by Colonel Zakhreddin – the most outstanding figure, the leader of the Druze community – have been entrenched inside the city center, he expressed support for Assad and kept this city for more than 3 years. The city was supplied from the air, the population received food, medicines with the help of airplanes, but nevertheless the garrison repelled during all these years the attempts of the Igilovites to occupy this city. “, – the expert informed.

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