Czech President says that Daesh terrorists could move to Bosnia and Herzegovina after their defeat in Iraq and Syria.

Czech President Milos Zeman expressed concern on Sunday that militants fleeing to Europe after the defeat of the Islamic State terrorist group (Daesh) in Iraq and Syria could create a terrorist base in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“After defeat in Iraq and Syria, Islamists can move to Afghanistan, where they have a great chance to succeed. But there is also a danger that these fugitive militants will create a kind of a terrorist base here, in Europe. And Bosnia can become such a base, firstly because of its national structure, and also judging by the black Daesh flags raised in a number of Bosnian cities and villages,” Zeman said in an interview with the Blesk media outlet.

The Czech president stressed that if terrorists, who left Syria and Iraq, would really move to Bosnia, it would be necessary to hold talks with authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to discuss the situation.

Governments in Syria and Iraq are fighting against various terrorist groups, including Daesh. On Saturday, the Iraqi forces liberated the city of Tal Afar near the Iraqi-Syrian border.

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