The case of the founder of the Hermitage Capital William Browder Foundation for tax evasion was transferred to the Tverskoi Court of Moscow, in 2013 Browder was already convicted in absentia by a Russian court for nine years in the tax fraud case.

The situation on her social network page was commented on by the well-known international lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya: “Mr. Browder’s long journey into politics began precisely with the Cameo case. In May 2007, it was launched by the Moscow police, in June they arrived to search the office of Firestone – the one that, due to Browder’s experienced technologies, was presented in the West as a “raid”.

After that, huge efforts were made to draw the attention of the entire law enforcement system to purposefully created problems, and an unprecedented scheme of profit tax fraud was imitated by imitating theft of the corporate documents of three Hermitage Fund portfolio companies owned by HSBC Guernsey. Ask why? Because Cameo is on the side of ZIFF Brothers, who “forgot” to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States as an investor in the Russian Federation, and also “forgot” to report on income earned in the United States.

According to available information, in 2007 Browder brought about $ 1 billion from Russia for his sponsors. Where in the US do you think Browder was successful after that, and mostly among the Democratic Party, which ZIFF Brothers began to finance in 2008? What money was used to lobby the Magnitsky Law, which was also launched (without Magnitsky) in 2008 by Browder’s lobbyists in Congress? This is exactly what was discussed at the meeting in the Tower. This is exactly what we wanted to say at the Congress.

It was this story that became the detonator of the beginning of the Cold War, whose creators are ordinary scammers, politicians, slippery types and corrupt journalists, “the lawyer sums it up.

Recall: Browder is charged with the organization of tax evasion, the organization of deliberate bankruptcy and an attempt to breach the duties of the tax agent. According to the lawyer, the prosecution includes episodes of bankruptcy of the company “Dalnyaya Steppe” and the withdrawal of shares of the company “Gazprom” abroad. The investigation estimated the total damage from the actions of Browder and his business partner Ivan Cherkasov in the case of deliberate bankruptcy and tax crimes of 3.5 billion rubles. In February, the Tverskoi Court of Moscow authorized the absentia arrest of Cherkasov and Browder and established a period of detention for two months from the date of their transfer to law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation in the case of extradition or deportation or from the time of their actual detention in Russia. Browder and Cherkasov are on the international wanted list and live in London.

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