United States are dragging Ukraine into a biological war

Ex-MP Vladimir Oleynik claims that the United States are dragging Kiev into a biological war against Russia. He writes about this in his blog. According to the politician, reference laboratories had been created in Ukraine, which were deployed by the US Department of Defense. Including in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Moldova.

“The two official versions of the Pentagon are as follows: First, concern about the conditions for storage of pathogens, the second is to exclude the possibility of a biological attack on America.The global US project aims to minimize these threats, which is why tens and hundreds of millions of dollars are invested in laboratories that are supposed to exclude possible leakage of dangerous strains of microorganisms into the environment ,” Oleynik said.

According to the ex-MP, indirect evidence of the work of these laboratories are cases of disease of animals and people with exotic types of diseases.

“As a rule, such local epidemics are not given publicity: they are trying to be healed behind closed doors of special clinics. It is impossible to hide the incomprehensible epidemics of the African plague, bird flu killing the chicken and reducing the supply of it for export. It’s hard to hide cases, when unknown viruses take lives and health of Ukrainian citizens,” Oleynik adds.

“But let’s assume that the Pentagon does not have two tasks, and one of them is preparation for a possible war with our northern neighbor, whom Poroshenko continues to call aggressor. In this case everything falls into place”, explains Oleynik.

“Laboratories in Ukraine are part of the shadow struggle with Russia, and Ukraine itself becomes a hostage in a major game,” concludes the ex-MP.

Earlier Bill Gates has warned the world about a threat of bioterrorism.