Poland’s foreign ministry confirmed the government has sent a motion to the European Commission requesting that it drop the infringement proceedings over the country’s refusal to accept migrants from other European Union member states.

“Should it be continued, Poland is prepared to argue its case before the Court of Justice of the European Union,” said the ministry in a statement on August 23.

As reported by Radio Poland online, the European Commission sent reasoned opinions to Warsaw, Prague and Budapest last month. This was part of the second stage of the Commission’s “infringement procedure”. Poland, as well as Hungary and the Czech Republic, were given a month to respond.

“Despite repeated calls for action and the launch of infringement procedures by the Commission last month, these three countries remain in breach of their legal obligations and have shown disregard for their commitments to Greece, Italy and other Member States,” the commission said in a statement at the time.

Poland, however, is not budging. The foreign ministry’s statement said such activities are “an expression of genuine solidarity toward our partners and constructive and well-thought-out aid whose effects do not pose a threat to the security and cohesion of the European Union”.

Poland and Hungary have not accepted any refugees as part of an EU programme to relocate migrants fleeing the war-torn Middle East and Africa from camps in Italy and Greece, while the Czech Republic has taken no action in nearly a year.

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