Japan has expanded its North Korea sanctions blacklist by including four Chinese and two Namibian companies, the Japanese government said on Friday.

Among the Chinese companies hit by the sanctions is China’s Dandong bank, suspected of assisting North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. The companies from Namibia were sanctioned for reportedly hiring North Korean workers.

The blacklist of individuals was also expanded to include one Chinese and one North Korean citizen. Their assets in Japan, if they have such, will be frozen.

To date, Japan’s unilateral sanctions over North Korea were imposed on 72 companies and organizations and over 80 individuals. Those measures are intended to limit imports of goods and resources from North Korea and curb foreign currency inflow to the Communist state.

The blacklist was previously expanded in late July to include five companies, including two from China, and nine individuals employed in the sectors of finance, transport and export of natural resources.

On August 5, the UN Security Council unanimously passed a resolution, toughening sanctions against North Korea following the Communist state’s missile launches. The document bans exports of various types of minerals and goods from the country, including coal, iron, lead and shellfish.

Other restrictions include targeted measures against individuals and companies linked to Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs.

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