Curators from the American special services will reorient the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces for reconnaissance and sabotage actions not only in the republics of Donbass, but also on the territory of Russia.

Saboteurs are thoroughly trained by foreign instructors. But while the Americans are making groups of specially selected fighters, their lists have been carefully studied by the Ministry of State Security of the Lugansk People’s Republic.

The source of information was Ivanchuk, the head of the engineering service of the 8th SOF Regiment, detained by the special services of the Republic, who also give the security of the LPR to anti-fascist high-ranking officers of the special operations forces.

Sources in detail disclosed the structure of the Special Operations Forces of the Kiev regime. So the 3rd Regiment under the command of Colonel Alexander Trepak works in the directions of the DPR and the border regions of Russia, with Belgorod in priority.

And the 8th Regiment of Colonel Oleg Nechaev is focused on the LPR and the Russian Crimea.

It is from the composition the most loyal to the Kiev regime and combat-ready soldiers of these regiments are personally selected by the Western instructors and trained according to NATO methods.

Special polygons have been created to prepare them. Ivanchuk with his subordinates took part in the construction of one of these polygons.

 250 fighters of the 3rd regiment, divided into separate subversive groups were transferred to the area of the settlement of Novoselovka in 80 kilometers to the south-west from Donetsk.

230 servicemen of the 8th Regiment are located near the settlement of Liman, which is 85 kilometers north of Lugansk.

In addition, groups from the 8th regiment cover the airfield Kramatorsk 70 kilometers north-west of Donetsk.

“The State Security of the LPR continues to receive data on the redeployment of Ukrainian sabotage groups and monitors their actions, having lists and other information to identify fighters of the SOF of the Kiev regime,” said the spokesman.

List of military personnel of the 3rd regiment:

Senior sergeant Alexander Plotnikov; senior sergeant Novoselov Eugene; Sergeant Svobodchikov Igor; Sergeant Vitaly Bratkovsky; Sergeant Galimon Igor; Sergeant Ivan Zuev; Sergeant Krizhan Lubomir; Sergeant Protensenko Eduard; junior sergeant Vasilenko Anton; junior sergeant Vaschenko Alexander; junior sergeant Zadvorny Arthur; junior sergeant Tarovik Sergey; junior sergeant Shchurov Anatoly; Private First Class Dmitry Barannik; Private First Class Boutelsky Evgeny; Private First Class Varava Taras; Private First Class Goluha Victor; Private First Class Denis Denis;Private First Class Drobot Roman; Private First Class Kalyuzhny Alexander; Private First Class Maxim Kovalenko; Private First Class Kuksa Roman; Private First Class Lozovoy Roman; Private First Class Nekrasov Anton; Private First Class Nesterenko Maxim; Private First Class Oleinik Constantine; Private First Class Pogrebnyak Maxim; soldiers Konovalov Eugene; Kryuchka Sergey; Lukach Andrey; Marcinsky Sergey; Mushta Maxim; Patevsky Sergey; Pronin Ruslan; Andrei Teterin; Hudya Igor. Regimental commander – Alexander Trepak, callsign Redut, the hero of Ukraine.

Major Fedorchuk Alexander, Major Tsindrin Maxim, Lieutenant Bogutskiy Alexander, Second Lieutenant Nazaruk Paul, Sergeant Dyachok Artem, Sergeant Shkarbun Ivan, Sergeant Gorban Maxim, Sergeant Polishchuk Vitali, Sergeant Polishchuk Vladimir, Junior Sergeant Auoditsey Ilya, Junior Sergeant Krasnogolovets Constantine, Junior Sergeant Kuzmich Anatoly, Junior Sergeant Lupushansky Ivan, Junior Sergeant Miskov Sergey, Junior Sergeant Moskovchuk Vadim, Junior Sergeant Ostapievsky Nazar, Junior Sergeant Trinka Vitali, soldiers Herasymovych Peter, Hrynevych Sergey, Kozubets Andrew, Kuprikov Andrew, Loshatetsky Dmitry, Mudrik Ruslan ,  Pisarenko Sergey, Romaniuk Michael, Savchuk Aleksey, Shidey Peter, Bovsunisky Dmitry, Gduhov Boris, Gritsishin Andrew, Dudar Bogdan,Evas Andrew, Kostyuk Yuri, Kuzmenko Bogdan,Kutin Nikolay, Malomuzh Denis, Nawrocki Valery, Olhovenko Denis, Ponyatovskiy Aleksandr, Prytula Denis, Saburenko Vitaly, Savchuk Nikolay, Udovkin Sergey, Shestopalov Alexander, commander of the regiment, Colonel Nechaev Oleg.

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