Ekaterina Pomortseva, political analyst of the analytical center “Platform for Public Diplomacy in Serbia”:

It’s no secret that Turkey’s connection with the Bosnian Muslims has existed for a long time and has intensified after the war of the 90s. The Middle East relies on this one of the three constituent peoples to solve its geopolitical tasks in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the same time, the Muslim countries are trying to fill the vacuum of the weakening of the interest of the EU and the US to strengthen their influence in Albania and in the south of Serbia, in Kosovo and Metohija, and even abroad this region, in the territories inhabited by the Serbs.

At such points of influence is an intensified Islamization in its radical form. The Wahhabi currents are being financed and revived, the burqa is forgiven – the once free areas turn into enclaves.

The theme of the Islamization of the Balkans in the mainstream media today is trying to bypass everything, which indicates the interest of certain circles to give a calm development of this trend.

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